About Refinance – Loan Calc Tracker

Refinance – Loan Calc Tracker (Loan Manager) is a simple loan calculator which allows you to:

– Calculate your monthly payment, total interest, total repayment … Moreover, it support calculation of saved interest in case there is additional payment per month (add per month) or additional payment per year (add per year).

– Calculate a new loan based on remained loan balance (refinance). This function allows you to re-finance your current loan with a new interest rate. It support the calculation of saved interest in case your current loan is re-financed into a new loan with lower interest rate. The summaries of current loan & new loan are also displayed for your reference.

– Also you can save your loans into “Saved Loans” tab.

Functions in “Saved Loans” tab includes:

Sort: sort all loans under selected criteria.

Edit: re-order loans.

Touch the loan directly to load the corresponding loan info to “Loan” tab.

Let’s try the app and give your ratings/feedbacks. Thank you.

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