About Mortgage Calculator/ Loan calc

This is a simple loan calculator that helps you estimate MONTHLY EXPENSE on whole schedule and how much interest you could save if you want to pay it off earlier.


– Tab “Mortgage” displays a result in an early payoff duration with many options:

+ Support various kind of payment frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.

+ Support extra payment on each payment; from a particular payment to last payment or extra payment on some specific payments (number of extra specific payments is limited to 60 for each loan).

+ Support input of tax or insurance in both percentage or value.

+ Support loading saved mortgages

– Tab “Affordable Loan” helps to estimate the loan you can afford based on your monthly budget or annual income.

– Tab “Saved” helps you record a mortgage so that you do not need to input all loan info time to time.

– Support dates of Mortgage: user can select start date when saving Mortgage. Date of each detail payment will be calculated. End date of Mortgage will be calculated.

It is easy to use and simple to use.

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