About Wage Calculator: Time Card App

Wage Calculator – Time Card is simple app that help you to record weekly income. The app provide different methods to calculate income from both working time and overtime.Auto-saving input data weekly.You can easily load the data input and calculating results of previous saved weeks.Support sending email function with email template that contains all weekly […]

About Refinance – Loan Calc Tracker

Refinance – Loan Calc Tracker (Loan Manager) is a simple loan calculator which allows you to: – Calculate your monthly payment, total interest, total repayment … Moreover, it support calculation of saved interest in case there is additional payment per month (add per month) or additional payment per year (add per year). – Calculate a […]

About Mortgage Calculator/ Loan calc

This is a simple loan calculator that helps you estimate MONTHLY EXPENSE on whole schedule and how much interest you could save if you want to pay it off earlier. Features: – Tab “Mortgage” displays a result in an early payoff duration with many options: + Support various kind of payment frequency: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, […]